Printing Policies

Pharos Printing Policy

Effective September 2014

Students will receive $20 in their print account at the beginning of each semester. The cost to print in black and white is $.10 a page and in color $.50 a page.

If a student uses his/her allocation before the end of the semester/term, they may add to their print account by:

  1. Depositing at least $5.00 at the cashier's office in Account # 10-441000-7210.
  2. Bring the receipt to the lab consultant at the service counter in the Library.
  3. The lab consultant will record the student's name and dollar amount and email the lab supervisors.
  4. Students can expect the funds to be added to their account within 24 hours.

If a student has no funds and needs to print immediately, they should ask the lab consultant to print for him/her. The lab consultant will record the student's name (verify the identification) and dollar amount.This printing will be allowed only until the cashier's office reopens; however, the balance due cannot be more than $5.00.

All unused funds deposited by the student will be carried forward to the next semester.

This new procedure will require the students to be more aware of and responsible for keeping track on their print account balance. Whenever a student prints, their balance is given to him/her.