Lab Support Policy

Lab Type Description Location
Open Lab A lab that is available to all students whenever the lab is open JFS175, ACR133, MCK199
Semi-Open Lab A lab that is open to all students during specified lab hours GCB150, GCB177, MCK177, MCK156, MCK197
Closed Lab A lab that is restricted to specific student's use only MCK122, MCK162, GCB101, GCB111, GCB140, Mobile Labs
Special Use Lab A small cluster of computers for student use PIR, Reference, LIR, Housing (Hale Lounges, TVA Lab), EDU Lab

Service Type Open Lab Semi-Open Lab Closed Lab Special Use Lab
Managed Printing Yes Yes No* No*
* Unless requested and specified hardware, paper and toner are provided
Standard Software: OS, MSOffice Yes Yes Yes* Yes
* If requested
Non-standard software Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*
* If licenses are provided
Inventory-Life Cycle* Yes Yes Yes Yes
* Purchase, Surplus, etc
Lab Consultants Yes* Yes** No No
* In ACLS Designated labs (JFS175, ACR133)
** In ACLS Designated labs (JFS100)