Aloha and Welcome

Aloha and Welcome to the Brigham Young University - Hawaii's Academic Computing Lab Services' website. We hope that you're able to find all the information that you're looking for. If you have any further questions not answered by these pages feel free to email us with your questions at


Idle Time

If you leave your computer idle for 15 minutes, the computer will lock you out and prompt you to log back. If you do not log back in within the 5 minutes, your computer will log you out.

Lab locations

Lab Locations

Find Academic Computer Lab Services' computer labs on the Brigham Young University Hawaii Campus by visiting the Lab Locations page or clicking here.

Lab Policies

In using Lab Computers, you have agreed to follow the BYUH Acceptable Use Policy. To find out more about BYUH Acceptable Use Policy click here.


Student Printing

Each student receives $20 in printing funds for Winter and Fall semester and $10 in printing funds for Spring, Summer and First term. To learn more about printing policies click here.

Site Overview

Lab Locations - On this page you will find a detailed map of all the Academic Computing Lab Services' computer lab and kiosk locations.

Lab Schedules - Find out when the labs are open and available.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the Academic Computing Lab Services and the labs it maintains.

Acceptable and Use Policy - Several Brigham Young University Hawaii policies, Internet guidelines, and state and federal laws govern acceptable use of your network account. You must agree to abide by them to obtain and maintain an account. This page details these policies and guidelines.

Lab Policy - Appart from the Acceptable Use Policies there are several policies and Guidelines that govern use of the labs and Kiosk.

Printing Policies - The Academic Computing Lab Service provides access to printers in it's Labs. This page provides details to the use policies of these printers, such as printing costs, and how to add money to print accounts.

Support Policies - Academic Computing Lab Services provides varying levels of service for it's labs and kiosks. This page details these support policies.